Fund Drive

Fund Drive
The annual fund drive provides a tax deductible way to give to the museum. Donations of any amount are welcome.

Thank you to our 2016 Fund Driver Donors

2016 Fund Drive Donors
Voyageur Level $500+
CJ Blough

King Milling Co

Guide Level $250+
John & Colleen Timpson
Susan Doyle
Lois Tomasiewicz
Settler Level $100+
Roger Behler
William & Dorothy Roth
Colin & Lisa Plank
Judy Timpson
Randy & Peggy Seaman
Metric Manufacturing Co.
Chris & Paula Briggs
Mark Batchelor
AIC Insurance
Ron & Jan Bieri
Edwin Roth
Nicholas & Holly Blough
Richard C Ryder MD
Judy Straub
Linda Vos
Wm & Diane Wieland
Pioneer Level $50+
Doug Wester family
Linda LeSage
Robert Richards
Diana Bittrick
Tom & Mary Dewey
Nancy roth
Mark & Shelley Evenhouse
Charlie & Kay McDonald
Joseph & Melva Oesch
William & Susan Stouffer
Herb & Emmy Vanderbilt
Supporter Level $25+
Ilene DeWolf
Sharon McFall
John & Sherry Free
CW Kropf
J Joseph Mapes
Ruth Wood


This list reflects donations received as of 11/28/2016